Cover 557 by 800

There’s no such thing as easy money in Europe Above the Clouds.

It was supposed to be a simple job. Unfortunately for Grace Masterson, her co-pilot neglected to mention that their clients were Valle Alto separatists, or that the crates they delivered were filled with self-propelled, clockwork bombs.

Captured by the Queen’s Bureau and on the hook for treason, Grace and her crew have two options: recover the weapons, or spend the rest of their lives as fugitives on the run.

Desperate to exonerate themselves, Grace and her crew take to the skies on a course that steers them into the darkest corners of the New British Empire. They soon discover that their enemies—and their allies—have more at stake than a planeload of stolen arms. The Valle Alto are planning a revolution that could plunge the whole of Europe into war, and only Grace and the crew of the Skylark stand in their way.

Indiana Jones meets The Mortal Engines in this high-flying Steampunk adventure!