Queens of Iris Final Cover - 800

Two lost queens. One all-powerful weapon.

Gwynedd and Bronwyn created the Foxglove to save their people. Instead, it hurled them through the space between worlds and stranded them on Earth. Now, their only way home is the same uncontrollable magic that brought them in the first place.

The only problem is, they’re the only ones who remember anything about it. The races of the fair folk have forgotten their history, their culture, and even their language. They live alongside humanity, reduced to a race of brigands, thieves and refugees, hidden from the world by the magical barrier of the Veil.

United in their resolve to take their people home and return them to their former glory, Bronwyn and Gwynedd swear fealty to the local faerie warlord to provide cover for their research, but cracks appear when one of them begins to get attached to a pair of caring new friends, kindred spirits and members of a resistance working to bring justice and peace to the new society.

Ambition and obsession clash in a struggle to control the mightiest magic in the world, boiling over into a conflict that threatens to destroy their budding civilization, and tear apart a friendship older than history itself.