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As it turns out, college prep courses don't mean squat when you find out you've got the beating heart of an entire civilization embedded in your soul. They matter even less when a thousand-year-old witch tries to rip it out of you. She'd called it destiny. Maddie called it a load of crap.

Now she's stuck in the faerie veil, a parallel world where queens reign, magic simmers in stone stew pots, and the people eat - gulp - bugs. Not that she wasn't grateful! The faeries had saved her life, even if they couldn't send her home. They even had her back in school. Something told her the credits wouldn't transfer, but at least here her mother wouldn't be around to judge her for being more interested in botany than business.

Plus, the boys smelled like pine needles.

And you got to have two.

Okay, so there were a few perks! But why shouldn't there be? At this point, a normal life was pretty much out of the question. Was a little happiness too much to ask?

It's summer in the Chicago Veil. And things are just starting to heat up.