Who are you?

My name is Aaron McQueen. I live in Tennessee and write primarily young adult, atmospheric fantasy fiction novels. My lead illustrator is Jennifer Lange, an incredibly talented artist from Lubeck, Germany.

Where can I find your books?

All of my work is available on Amazon via the Kindle eBook store. Paperback and audio book formats will be coming along shortly.

How can I contact you?

All inquiries should be directed to support@mcqueenserialfantasy.com.

I want bonus content! How do I get it?

Subscriptions are handled through Patreon. There are multiple links on the website to the Patreon page. You can also go directly to the Patreon page and sign up. It can be found at: www.patreon.com/mcqueenbooks.

I’ve subscribed! How do I get my rewards?

Once you subscribe, you will immediately begin receiving new rewards as they are released. Older content will also automatically become available for download on the Patreon page. When you log in to your Patreon account, you will be able to download them and get caught up. You can also send an email to support@mcqueenserialfantasy.com to request a copy of the archive. This process can take some time.