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Royal Road

Hello, Readers!

This post is particularly important to our Patreon contributors, so if you’ve got a moment to read it, please do. Don’t worry, it isn’t too long.

In order to ease the workload of our wonderful artist, Jennifer Lange, the $10/month reward will be changing beginning next month. Previously, once a month, she painted an original portrait or scene in full color, but as the project has developed, we discovered that the full-color portrait adds a HUGE amount of work to her plate, making it more difficult to put together the covers we enjoy on every issue. So, beginning in September, we’ll be changing that tier of rewards. Instead of an exclusive art piece, the $10/month subscribers will be receiving an additional four issues of both Exiles and Tantalus in advance of the general release; so if the general release is on Issue #60, for example, the $10/month subscribers will have access to the story all the way out to Issue #64.

I hope you wonderful subscribers out there understand the need for the change and aren’t too disappointed. I love the exclusive art too, but the burden it was placing on the artist was simply too great; and of course, I hope you enjoy your early-access issues just as much ^_^

We’ll be adjusting the advertising ASAP to make sure there is no confusion for future subscribers.

Thanks again and Happy Monday!

-Aaron McQueen

Royal Road

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